The Biggest Tech Failures of 2017


2017 has been a yr full of the release of technology. However no longer all exceeded the test of its viability. Few have been the real winners and few couldn’t flourish as changed into predicted. Few of such technologies that faced a chief failure are as follows:


This become one of the first of its kind inside the segment of digital video recorders that entered the market for video recording. Its logo price have become so successful that it quickly have become a completely famous product. Till date, TiVo came up with the maximum a hit set-up field in the world.

Despite all this excellent, this organisation remains on the listing for the motive that it could not take sturdy measures and stayed diplomatic when it become needed. For example, whilst the cable groups roll out their very own DVD’s inside the marketplace, TiVo did not increase any objection and as an alternative waited to strike any reasonable deal as it turned into very a lot reliant on the TV companies. The 2nd cause is that the business enterprise didn’t do the marketing of its product aggressively to tout how better its DVD’s have been from the Cable DVR’s. It became already very past due whilst it determined to sue the cable corporations. By then the market changed into flooded with the cable organization DVR’s. Despite winning the case and claiming the $1.6 billion of repayment it failed to make its comeback in the market and this is why it ran out of commercial enterprise.

Virtual Boy

This bodily uncomfortable gaming machine with the aid of Nintendo’s Virtual Boy turned into a whole thumb down. It was not even a virtual as it claimed, it turned into just a crude tabletop model of what the users often enjoy once they appear on stereoscopic 3D monitors of the movies. However, this failed attempt become at least a success in feeding in records approximately virtual fact almost a decade before the actual virtual headsets arrived along with the Oculus Rift.


Pebble was the primary to include the technology for smartwatches. Apple and Samsung got here tons later inside the smartwatch phase. In truth, the original Pebble have become the maximum- funded starter tool of its time growing nearly over $10 million in 2012. In fact, the agency designed a sturdy developer accompanied by way of masses of 3rd birthday celebration apps and watch faces.

The Biggest Tech Failures of 2017
The Biggest Tech Failures of 2017

When Pebble entered the smartwatches market this phase became very small and this was the cause that it could not survive for long. More so for the motive that the arena’s tech giants entered into this area. Later around 2016 Pebble introduced that it’s going to promote its era to Fitbit. Till nowadays few of the early thoughts of pebble are being used within the gift top smartwatches.

Windows 8

Windows eight become already condemned for the removal of window iconic “Start Button”, which was looked at as the largest technology that became reinvented. It was viewed as the era which was too massive to fail. Consumers were given stressed with the functioning of Microsoft’s colourful, Tile-pushed interface which worked properly on in-residence pills wager failed to perform on laptops and computers.

Google Glass

This was one of the generation that started with a buzz and introduced itself because the clever spectacles. Contrary to its flashy creation that featured skydivers streaming their jump thru the device grew to become out to be a device with lots of privateness dangers. Moreover, it turned into a chunk overpriced too.

While glass made it smooth to document video personally, it triggered some bars, restaurants, and movie theatres to prohibit the machine.

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